Telcos Disappointed With Ungrateful Subscribers

Cebu City – In a conference held today at Ayala Center in Cebu, representatives from telecommunication giants PLDT and Globe expressed their frustration and disappointment over the majority of their ungrateful subscribers who have expressed unsatisfactory and even vulgar remarks over their respective Internet connections.

According to Globe’s president Ernest Cu, they are very disappointed that many of their customers both in the provinces and metropolitan areas all over the country are not contented with their Internet connection speeds and subscriptions.

“We already give a whopping 1GB bandwidth allowance for postpaid and a slightly less but still very generous 800MB per day for prepaid subscribers,” said Cu. “We don’t understand why they have to clamor for even higher bandwidth allocation. It’s so frustrating!”

When asked about the often sluggish speed of the Internet connection, Cu defended his network’s policy. “If we give them lightning speed connection, they’ll easily use up all their bandwidth,” he explained. “This is for their own good and we wish they would understand that.”

Meanwhile, PLDT’s spokesperson Ramon Isberto conveyed similar sentiments. “We already give them different choices for Internet subscriptions but they seem unhappy with everything that we offer them. How can they be so demanding?”

The National Telecommunication Commission said they are still downloading the statements from both telecommunication companies which were sent as PDF files via email.