Philippine Economic Growth within the Last 6 Years Most Observable in Bilibid


Manila – In today’s press conference, Malacañang was very enthusiastic to present an analysis of the country’s economic growth and performance during the past 6 years of President Aquino’s term. The data presented in the study show that economic progress has been felt mostly at the New Bilibid Prison.

The study, which was sponsored by the Makati Business Club, shows a steady improvement in the lives of the high profile inmates inside the national penitentiary’s maximum security compound.

Melchor Ong, one of the inmates in the said prison, expressed his appreciation of the efforts of the Aquino administration in improving the country’s economy. “It is truly a remarkable achievement of any administration to make even the most worthless scum of any society feel a significant improvement in their lives,” said Ong.

The recent inspections within the prison compound revealed luxury shelters with expensive cell phones, television sets, laptop computers, and other luxury items. Some inmates are even able to start their own business ventures inside the prison including a pharmaceutical startup and a recording studio.