Sen. Trillanes’ Evidence Against Duterte Dates All the Way Back to Elementary School

Antonio Trillanes

Manila – Sources from Senator Antonio Trillanes’ office has confirmed that the vice presidential candidate has several boxes of evidence against the PDP-Laban presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte that dates all the way back from when the incumbent Davao City mayor was in elementary school.

In light of the recent events when Senator Trillanes has accused Mayor Duterte of having hidden millions in a secret bank account, the senator has claimed that he has more evidence to present against Duterte in the coming days including real estate properties, bank accounts and even his good moral records from when he was in elementary school.

“The Mayor was allegedly very brutish and perverted in elementary school and we have records of all his morally questionable acts,” revealed our source confirming the presence of the supposed evidence. “There was one time when he snatched a sandwich off his classmate’s hands. I mean, that should be at least probed by the Commission on Human Rights.”

Duterte’s camp has dismissed the claim saying they are not afraid of anything the senator has to say against Mayor Duterte although their plan of action to sue Duterte’s elementary school adviser was fruitless because they found out that she was already dead.