Binay Shifting Career to Comedy, Writes Draft of First Act


Makati City – UNA presidential candidate Jejomar Binay has declared that he will shift his career to comedy after a his national staff predicted that he will suffer a massive loss in today’s election.

Getting ahead of the results, Binay has finally conceded and instead started writing on the draft of his first comedy act which will premiere in a few bars in Makati. He exuded confidence in expressing his satisfaction with the initial draft of his material.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to do this,” said the presidential hopeful after casting his vote.

Binay was once very popular among the voters when he won as Vice President in the 2010 elections over his opponent Mar Roxas. However, corruption allegations against him marred his image which led to a decreased popularity.

Binay revealed that he has considered the career change significantly after the 3 presidential debates. The poll results after each debate implied that his actions and lines were very funny especially all over the social media sites.