Quiboloy Hurt that He Can’t Influence Politics as He Had Expected

Duterte Quiboloy

Davao City – Expecting too much from their decade-old friendship and luxurious gifts, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ religious group expressed his disappointment with president-elect Rodrigo Duterte through his spokesman Mike Abe.

“The beloved son of God is hurt that his contributions and gifts and friendship were not enough for Mayor Duterte to allow Pastor Quiboloy to influence his government,” said Abe. “We all know that Mayor Duterte said those gifts had no strings attached but we didn’t really expect him to mean it because that was the biggest reason why the Pastor gave him those gifts. We already have a list of names of people that we can control that we want to be in the government but they are snubbing us.”

Abe also relayed how Pastor Quiboloy is terribly missing Duterte after not meeting and talking for 11 days now. Ever since Duterte cemented his lead in the presidential run, the president-elect has been bombarded by visitors and well-wishers from around the country.

Duterte’s camp was quick to respond to the emotional tantrums of the pastor’s camp saying they’ll get to them soon enough.