Supporters: It’s Now Okay to Blame Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

Manila – After weeks of telling critics that Aquino should still be blamed for the nation’s woes since he was still the president, supporters of President Duterte said on Facebook that they can no longer use the same excuse for any issues that arise starting today and that it is indeed Duterte’s turn to be blamed.

It can be noted that many supporters of President Duterte always praise him for his effect on society, particularly the police and local government action on drug-related cases. However, they are quick to dismiss any negative effects such as the rampant vigilantism and the most recent Abu Sayaff group’s beheading of their Canadian hostage saying it was still former president Aquino’s problem.

Presidential Facebook spokesperson Mocha Uson has yet to release the official statement regarding this but many supporters are already agreeing that they will eventually come up with a new way out for Duterte, most notably, blaming the past administration/s for the current issues.