Tito Sotto Gains Popularity Among Rapists

juan for all all for juan

Quezon City – After his latest remarks to a winner of their Eat Bulaga segment Juan for All, All for Juan, Senator Tito Sotto has gained the praise and approval of rapists and other like-minded people.

In their July 9 episode, the woman who had won the contest shared the story of how she was taken advantage of by one of her male friends during a drinking session. Senator Sotto was quick to scold the woman for drinking in spite of being female. Segment co-host Jose Manalo also joked about her possibly wearing short shorts.

While most netizens were outraged by the victim blaming and rape culture mentality of the senator, many applauded his statements especially rapists, molesters and other citizens who love blaming women for whatever misfortune happens to them related to their gender.