Maid of Ex-Girlfriend of Friend of Guy Who Sold Michael Phelps Snack is Filipina

Michael Phelps

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – The Philippines shines in the international spotlight once again as it was revealed 10pm Friday night (Philippine time) that champion Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps is connected to at least one Filipina.

In an interview with Augusto Hipolito, a baker who has been in business in Rio for 22 years, he revealed that he personally knows the existence of at least one Filipina, who was then ultimately connected to Phelps when the US Olympian purchased snacks from him.

“My friend Hugo’s Italian ex-girlfriend had a Filipina nanny when she was still young,” recalls Hipolito. “She mentioned it casually when we were watching Family Guy while waiting in DETRAN. I think her name was Florencia.”

Children of the Filipina nanny, who we discovered was Florencia Olivar from Cabanatuan City, said that she already passed away 2 years ago, but they are still proud to know that she is now somehow connected to Phelps. “It really just proves that Filipinos are great people wherever they are in the world,” they added.

The provincial government of Nueva Ecija is scheduled to hold a ceremony in honor of Olivar.