Chinese Coast Guard Gives Filipino Fishermen Free Shower

chinese coast guard

Huangyan Dao, China – In a gesture of friendship with its allied country, China provided free shower to weary and nearly dehydrated Filipino fishermen who were out fishing in Huangyan Dao, or Panatag Shoal as known to the local fishermen.

According to them, they ran out of water during their trip to the reef. Luckily, they ran into the Chinese Coast Guard who were patrolling the area against illegal fishing. The fishermen pleaded to give them drinking water to which the Chinese also gave a nice shower using their coast guard vessel.

“We are thankful to our government because the Chinese are now kind to us,” said the Filipino boat captain. “If they did not befriend China and respect their rights to their sovereign territory, they would have been hostile. This move shows that the government is really looking out for our welfare.”