Pope Francis Regrets Visiting the Philippines

pope francis

Vatican City – In his homily last Sunday, September 4, 2016, Pope Francis expressed his regret in visiting the Philippines last year, citing the Filipinos’ blatant disregard for his visit’s overall message of mercy and compassion. He said that he feels responsible for fueling the Filipinos’ craze for celebrity visitors instead of instilling a sense of kindness to them.

“I have closely followed the Philippines ever since my visit and I have never been so disappointed in my life to see that the very same people who have shown the warmest reception for God’s representative on earth are capable of apathy, inhumanity, divisiveness and the complete opposite of mercy and compassion,” said Pope Francis.

The pope visited in January 2015 with a theme of mercy and compassion, to which millions of Filipinos religiously meditated on and reminded each other of for a record of 45 minutes before reverting back to their usual hateful and judgmental state.