Hindu God Shiva Confirms Speaking to Duterte


Gujarat, India – In a 5-hour meditation interview, Hindu destroyer god Shiva confirms that he had spoken to President Rodrigo Duterte while he was on the plane going home to Davao from his recently concluded trip to Japan.

“It’s true, although I would have preferred if he had not revealed what we talked about” said the god smilingly. “I’m pretty disgusted by the foulness that spews out of his mouth so I shook him up when everyone else was asleep and told him that I would destroy the fuck out of the plane he was on if he did not stop with all his nonsense cursing.”

President Duterte promised to stop cursing in his October 27 arrival press conference when he revealed the supposedly private conversation. Duterte’s followers clapped and praise him for his promise.

Much to the chagrin of anti-Duterte netizens, however, this confirmation from Shiva himself negates what many say as definite signs of schizophrenia.