Rights Group to File Case Against Pacquiao’s Mom for Fatal Beatings

Manny and Dionisia Pacquiao

Manila – A human rights group is said to file a case against Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of boxing champion and senator Manny Pacquiao for allegedly issuing fatal beatings to her children including the senator.

The accusation was formed after Senator Pacquiao likened his mother’s beatings to the death penalty which literally scared the shit out of him and his siblings when they were younger. A representative from the rights group said that what the senator disclosed in his speech is a cry for help from his mother’s fatal beatings.

“We commend Senator Pacquiao for his courage in speaking out against the abuses done against him by his mother,” said Maria Sanchez, the group representative. “We hope that this will encourage other people to come forward and speak out against abuse to children.”

The case will be filed in Sarangani Province next week.