Facebook Reports Massive Hack of Accounts by Misogynists

California, USA – Social networking giant Facebook reported Wednesday night, Philippine time, that a massive number of accounts of decent, upstanding and religious gentlemen all over the Philippines were hacked simultaneously during the anti-Marcos rallies.

The reports indicate that mostly the accounts of decent, loving males were targeted. The hackers would take over their accounts and post hateful and abusive posts and comments against the young female protesters rallying against the Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The hack was revealed only when people started confronting the owners of the said accounts with misogynistic posts. The account owners were shocked to find that their accounts posted those lewd comments against the female minors. By then, it was already too late because the vigilant netizens have already made screenshots of their comments along with their photos.

A post by Facebook page Catcalled in the Philippines showed a perfect example of a victim surprised by the disgusting comments made through his account when he is clearly a modest gentleman who loves Jesus with all his heart.

Another victim, a policeman from Negros who proposed a threesome with a protesting female has since deactivated his account and said his account was compromised, too.