DOH Taps Computer Scientists to Create HIV-AIDS Antivirus

HIV-AIDS computer antivirus

Clark, Pampanga – In a quick interview after the Dangerous Drugs Summit, Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial said she is in talks with several of the country’s top computer scientists to create the first ever HIV-AIDS antivirus.

Ubial said she is extremely alarmed by the rapid spread of HIV-AIDS in the country particularly among the youth. She showed a chart that reveals that one of the least known but most common channel of HIV-AIDS is through the internet via websites that distribute pornographic materials.

“I am terrified for the youth of our country,” said Ubial. “That is why I will support anything that can curb the spread of HIV-AIDS and I think the best way to do that is through an antivirus that will trigger an alarm if our kids are visiting porn sites.”

The beta version of the software will be released on April 1st of this year.