China Only Interested in Buying Uninhabited Philippine Territories

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo

Bangkok, Thailand – Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo confirmed on Wednesday, March 22, that they are indeed selling the Philippines to China albeit with difficulty due to statements made by Vice President Leni Robredo and the media regarding extrajudicial killings.

At a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand, Teo appealed to the media to make the Philippines sound great and ripe for selling to make it appealing to the Chinese government and other interested countries.

“For now, China is only interested in uninhabited territories such as the Benham Rise because they want to distance themselves from the reported extrajudicial killings,” said Teo. “This is why I am asking VP Leni and the media nicely to help our government in selling off our islands one by one.”

The Chinese government extended their regards and appreciation for the efforts by the Philippine tourism secretary.