On Sexist Jokes: Duterte Advises Sotto to Become President First

Duterte & Sotto

President Rodrigo Duterte has only one advice for Senator Tito Sotto after the latter has been under fire for his sexist remarks against single mothers: become a president first. Or maybe not. Maybe people really just let the President get away with similar and even worse remarks because he is Rodrigo Duterte, the idol of the superficial, hypocritical, and clueless masses.

Thousands of Duterte supporters are raging because Sotto labeled single mothers as “na-ano lang” (closest translation: just fucked, with the latter term expressed pathetically subtly). Sotto then later issued a non-apology apology, calling his statement as a mere joke that people didn’t get. However, when it was Duterte who said something truly disgusting, people literally laughed and when confronted by those who took offense, they merely brushed it as a joke.

Anybody see the hypocrisy and double standard?