Supposedly Beheaded Police Chief Fired by Duterte for Being Alive

President Rodrigo Duterte

Manila – President Rodrigo Duterte sacked a police chief he believed to have been beheaded by the Maute group in Marawi City. This was after the police himself told the press that he is fine and still alive.

“Here comes this policeman, you’re fired today, get out of service,” said Duterte. “You do not contradict your own government.”

Duterte said on Wednesday, May 24, that the Malabang police chief has been beheaded by the Maute group during the siege of Marawi City. However, Malabang Police Chief Romeo Enriquez said he is very much alive and that there might have been some confusion since the former police chief has been killed in a firefight on Tuesday but was not beheaded.

Police Chief Enriquez is considering committing suicide to at least keep his employment benefits.