Sen. Villar’s Study Finds Unli-Rice More Dangerous than Chain Smoking

Senator Cynthia Villar

Manila – In a 30-year research conducted by Senator Cynthia Villar, it has been discovered that people who have been eating more than 2 cups of rice per meal are more unhealthy than people who have been chain smoking since adolescence up to adulthood.

“This is a conclusive finding,” said Villar. “We should be more concerned about the amount of consumption of white rice than chain smoking. Chronic eating of white rice is extremely dangerous because it can cause diabetes, which is a really bad disease.”

“Tingnan mo itong mga matatakaw sa kanin, puro matataba, very unhealthy; pero itong mga mahilig manigarilyo, karamihan mga slim ang figure,” said Villar.

“Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, emphysema, cancer and many other diseases are easier to manage than diabetes,” Villar added. “Besides, the government earns a lot from the tax on cigarettes.”

According to her released statement, this finding is what drove her to urge the ban on unlimited rice promos in restaurants and obviously not because they are trying to cut back on rice importation.

“I am really concerned about the health of the Filipinos,” she concluded. “These unlimited rice promos are the most unhealthy thing next to consuming illegal drugs and I am calling for the ban of these killers.”