Bystander Who Joked About Raping Kitty Duterte Found Dead in Davao City

Veronica Duterte

Davao City – A bystander who casually joked about raping presidential daughter Veronica “Kitty” Duterte was found dead in a ditch in Davao City.

Richard Cayetano, 26, and a resident of Poblacion, Davao City was found by barangay police men at 4 in the morning on Saturday, July 15th. His hands and feet were bound and he had packing tape all over his head. His limbs and body also showed signs of torture. The autopsy revealed 38 stab wounds all over the chest and back and a single gun shot to the forehead.

According to witnesses, Cayetano has been joking with his friends the night before about raping Kitty Duterte. They said he was shouting even at the passersby.

President Duterte has been a vocal critic of rape jokes and has even signed an executive order penalizing anyone who makes such remarks. In Davao City, where he was mayor for over 2 decades, rape jokes would instantly warrant a persona non grata status.

Authorities are saying they will investigate the incident.