2018 Intelligence Budget to be Increased to Make Up for Stupid Officials

Mocha Uson

Manila – Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno has defended the increase in the intelligence budget for 2018. In a press briefing, Diokno cited the stupidity of key government officials as the primary reason for the increase.

“With this increase in the intelligence budget, we are hoping that it will remedy the ridiculously low collective IQ of government officials from the barangay level up to the national,” said Diokno.

“This budget increase will try to make up for the stupidity of our government officials,” he added.

Staunch Duterte supporter and PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson applauded this move. In a Facebook post, Uson published, “It is about time that the government support those who barely have the minimum qualifications for a national position but are willing to try their luck in running the country.”

The total intelligence funds for 2018 are estimated to be up to Php4.12 billion, over half a million pesos more than this year’s Php3.49 billion.